Birthday Parties


1.  Tuscalooa TUMBLEBUS Birthday Party
    $200 for 1 hour of tumbling, fun and games -  @12 children
($100 deposit to hold the party spot)
(party balance must be paid the day of the party)

One hour of fun, fitness, & tumbling, non-stop action!
Sticker/Stamp for each child that participates!!
    WE ENTERTAIN THE KIDS, while you entertain the adults!!

       2. TUMBLEBUS Station Birthday Party
(902 Union Chapel Road, Suite I, Northport, 35473)
$200 for 2 hrs of Playroom and Party Room time -- includes 20/25 friends -
(One Hour and 15 Minutes in PLAYROOM and 45 Minutes in the PARTY ROOM)
     You bring in your food, drinks, cake, ice cream and party supplies!
You can bring your own music.
*While you are in the Playroom - there is another party going on the in the Party Room
**While you are in the Party Room another party is going on in the Playroom
***Please remember however many friends you invite is how many friends
are with you in the Party Room for those 45 mins --
**Everyone must stay in the Party Room the whole 45 mins
- you cannot return to the Playroom while another party is going on.)

-- There is a $100 deposit due within 7 days of reserving your party date and time
  --  the balance of $100 is due the day of the party -- 


Are there any special requirements for parking the TUMBLEBUS?
We just ask that you have a relatively flat place for us to park and if at all possible reserve a place for us so it is easier when we arrive and we can start the party on time. We are a full-size school bus, which means we are 35 feet long so we do need quite a bit of space.

What days and times do you offer parties?
Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest birthday requests; if you need to do a party during the week please call our office to see what time is available. The way we schedule the times for our parties is around the first reservation of the day. If you are the first one to make your reservation you may choose any time during the day. The following party time
slots are then filled in around it depending upon the location. We typically like to arrive 15 minutes after the start of a party to help insure all your guests have arrived before we begin. When we pull up with the big yellow Tumblebus we're ready to start right away. Sunday parties would need to start at 1:00 p.m. or after.

Are there organized activities on the bus or do the parents have to supervise?
One of the best parts of a TUMBLEBUS birthday party is that we provide two instructors at all times to lead the party through a number of games and tumbling activities. Everything is very well organized; we have a lot of fun and energetic music so we can keep the kids moving and entertained the whole time. Parents are welcome to watch the children from the front of the bus or come in the back if their child is feeling a little bit shy. We have also found that a lot of parents really enjoy going back inside to visit with each other while the children are being entertained outside.

What exactly do you do on the TUMBLEBUS?
We vary our parties depending upon the ages of the guests. When it is for a young group of 2 to 3 year olds we anticipate that some of the parents will stay on the TUMBLEBUS to help their child with the obstacle course and games. We have a less structured party for this age group because we just want the kids to explore and try new things. We will try some games with bean bags, or Lummi sticks, play with balls, and even a parachute game. We'll have them crawl through a tunnel, climb the mountain and slide down the other side, walk along a balance beam and more. With the older children we'll get them warming up with some fun games, then we'll set up our obstacle course and then make changes to it throughout to keep them entertained. We have mats for forward and backward rolls, a balance beam, climbing structure, monkey bars, trampoline, parallel bars, rings, zip line and more.  And at the end of the party, it wouldn't be complete without our Olympic Awards Ceremony where each child receives a medal, the birthday child will receive a special TUMBLEBUS birthday t-shirt.

Can we have our cake and open presents on the TUMBLEBUS?
We're sorry, but we do not have the cake and presents on the TUMBLEBUS. This part of your party needs to occur inside your home, or other party location. We find that after an hour of busy activity on the TUMBLEBUS the kids are worn out and they're ready to go inside for something to drink and eat.

What if I don't want to have the party at my house? Are there other places where the TUMBLEBUS can go?  Absolutely!! We come to you!  We just ask that you have a relatively flat place for us to park and if at all possible reserve a place for us so it is easier when we arrive and we can start the party on time. We are a full-size school bus, which means we are 35 feet long so we do need quite a bit of space.

How do I make a reservation?
Please call 758-ROLL (7655)!  Once the party reservation time has been finalized we will require a $100.00 deposit. You can give us your credit card information over the phone or go on our web-site to pay the deposit.  You can also mail a check, which must be received within 10 days of setting the party date.  The balance is then due on the day of the party.  We accept all major credit cards, cash, or check. 

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